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A Never

Ending Tear

The Loss of A Child

There are times in our lives, pivotal moments, that change us—be it for better or for worse. Lisa always wondered about the miracle of those changes, as well as the tragedy of it.

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    I woke up with tears rolling down my cheeks and realized that I must have been dreaming…



    Love exists in all forms; it is eternal – an eternal sensation that knows no bounds. You…

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    Ending Tear

    The Loss of A Child

    Meet The Author

    Lisa PreChelle Morgan

    Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Lisa Morgan has been in the nursing field for around twenty-two years. She became a candy striper when she was in high school and was drawn to helping children who came to the hospital having experienced abuse. After her grandmother got ill, she got into wanting to help people and thus began her career in healthcare.

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    A Never

    Ending Tear

    The Loss of A Child

    Lisa Morgan shares the harrowing story of her son Nathan Morgan’s senseless murder, which caused her immense pain and heartbreak. She talks about the deep love and connection she had with her son and how he was taken from her in a cruel and heartless manner on a dark and tragic night.

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    A Never
    Ending Tear

    The Loss of A Child


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